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          The key elements of any successful Web site are design, content and domain name.  In the case of Web sites for                lawyers and law firms, the strongest and most effective
domain names (for reasons we explain in our sections on "About
Legal Domains" and "Selecting the Right Domain"),  are descriptive of practice concentration, specialization or State.  While surnames and surname initials remain common as domains for lawyers, firms large and small are increasingly turning to descriptive domain names as their primary domain name or as  additional domain(s) directing visitors to their Web sites, primarily because of their intrinsic marketing and "branding" characteristics.
          You will find that, in addition to our extraordinary catalogue
of legal domains, we  provide helpful information regarding the selection of an appropriate legal domain name; tips for harnessing the marketing power of your domain; services for
researching and registering your own domain, trademark search
and registration services, search engine submission services,
a directory of free services for lawyers, links for legal news and
humor, descriptions of, and links to, legal and other Web page providers; links to ethics resources;  and even links to other
sites offering legal domain names. 

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          American Legal Domains offers the world's most prestigious catalogue of legal domain names for lawyers, law firms, attorneys
and the American legal community.  Over half of all American
households and nearly two thirds of the American public are now
online.  Internet access will soon be almost as ubiquitous as the
telephone and television.  With an ever increasing array
of attractive, affordable and convenient options for establishing
a Web site, the issue for lawyers
and law firms is
no longer whether
to maintain a
presence on the
Web, but where
and how to best
showcase  and
promote that
presence for your

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